Investing in sustainable energy guarantees returns. Over the next 5 years, investments in renewable energy will be highly valued by everyone, but how do you know now what the best choice will be in a couple of years?

During a 3-day Sustainability Experience, you will get to learn from professionals all about the 'fruit that is there for the plucking’ in the field of great business sustainability.

our partners:

our speakers:

Gerard Scheper

Gerard Scheper
Owner European Solar B.V.

Roberto Wirth

Mr. Wirth
President, Managing Director and owner of Hotel Hassler

Ugo Bardi

Prof. Ugo Bardi
Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence (IT)

Willie van Aalst

Willie van Aalst
Owner Engineering4Solar

Harry Wolkenfelt

Harry Wolkenfelt
CEO Solarif

Bastiaan Bink

Bastiaan Bink
Owner Sunchine Ltd

Guido Gallina

Guido Gallina
Owner Abitare A+

Alex van Ginneken

Alex van Ginneken
Online Business Coach

Jos Schlangen

Jos Schlangen
Owner Jos Schlangenconsultancy B.V.

Diego Masella

Diego Masella
Mayor Fabro

Tara van Kraalingen

Tara van Kraalingen
Marketing Manager Honeywell Solar

Gideon Overwater

Gideon Overwater
Co-owner PVO International

Giuseppe Daniele

Guiseppe Daniele
Owner GEA Energy Trekking

Gerard de Leede

Gerard de Leede
Co-Founder Solarge

Bernhard Weilharter

Bernhard Weilharter
CEO Sonnenstromfabrik

Menno Terwijl

Menno Terwijl
Co-owner Voltens B.V.

Leendert Florusse

Leendert Florusse
CEO Rooftop Energy

Christian Kierschning

Christian Kirschning
Owner Solarants

Diederik Samsom

Diederik Samsom
Energy and Sustainability expert

Freek Jansen

Freek Jansen
Co-owner Mediasoep

Marina Doggen

Marina Doggen
CEO Gutami Solar

Remon Hansté

Remon Hansté
CEO Hadec Innovation B.V.

Chris Schoenmakers

Chris Schoenmakers
Senior Economic Advisor, Royal Netherlands Embassy Rome

Raimondo Orsini

Raimondo Orsini
Sustainable Development Foundation, Italy Director

Peter Borkens

Peter Borkens
Founder Chimb

Eric Kamphues

Eric Kamphues
Managing Director Independent eXperts BV

Alejandra Pérez-Pla

Alejandra Pérez-Pla
Associate Global Capital Finance Americas LLC

Gerard Scheper

Sustainability is difficult especially for large companies.

I started in the field of sustainable energy in 2010, in a commercial position trying to sell solar power systems to installers. I soon saw that the installers themselves didn’t have the commercial skills to help consumers struggling with so many questions. Far too quickly, answers were given along the lines of “there’s a subsidy for this” or “my solar panels give the highest return.”

By actually sitting down with the installer and the purchaser at the kitchen table, we’d find a technically responsible solution based on the wishes of the customer. When solar PV projects were introduced in 2014, I was faced with the same situation. The property owner, governments and farmers had the same questions as the private individual a few years before. So, again, sitting the three parties down together worked, simply by listening and offering a customised solution. And there was one great common denominator – guaranteed financial returns!

Since 2016, I’ve been regularly visiting China and taking a look behind the scenes of solar panels. I’ve also been inspired to look beyond solar power, because solar might not always be the best solution. Now I’d like to introduce you to a group of very experienced professionals who I got to know on my journey of discovery.

This time we’ll not be sitting at a kitchen table but in the beautiful setting of the Italian countryside. Together, we’re offering you a 3-day interactive experience that will enable us to come up with the solution to the question no one has previously been able to answer: which sustainable investment will give me the highest return?

If your job is to reduce CO2 in your organisation, then this will be familiar…

Renewable energy and solar power are hot topics. Different media tell us every day that things are getting worse and worse and that we need to change immediately.We answer the following questions:

How can I successfully implement sustainability in my company?

What is the expected return on investment of sustainable solutions?

Where can we best make a start on sustainability within our company?

What is the quality of the products and services of the solutions being offered?

What are the risks of buying products from Asia?

Is sustainability a hype or an unstoppable trend?

Statements that are of no use to anyone. You know them too..

Humans are generally not open to change. Over the last 50 years, we’ve been focusing on maintaining our social position and, above all, our status. The idea of making a change by “starting with yourself” seems to come with a sense of denial: we all agree we should have started thinking sustainably long ago but of course it’s our neighbour that should have started first. He’s much worse than you are!

“There is no increase in extreme weather conditions.”

“The climate is warming up far less than predicted.”

“More CO2 has a tremendous positive effect on the growth of plants.”

“Smog in India has nothing to do with CO2.”

Despite the overwhelming evidence, various organisations are managing to spread nonsensical and unsubstantiated statements.

The 'Golden Glove' The solution is within reach..

I get asked on an almost daily basis where I think people need to start when it comes to sustainability. They explain that they’ve already set up a working group, they see management of large multinational corporations, politics and governments panicking, they worry about what will happen if targets are not met, and they see respected companies like the NAM, Shell and Tata Steel being scorned.

Right or wrong, but I don’t think solutions are being offered. Even politicians only come out with clichés and moderate statements, which shows that these representatives of the people don’t know what to do either. And yet, the answer lies before us – we simply have to step out of our comfort zone and want to make a change.

After Cyprus, Holland is the least sustainable country in Europe. I am looking for the pro-active entrepreneur like the ones that once made Holland great, that gave us the Golden Age. Do you want to pick up the 'golden' glove yourself or do you want your neighbour to get it?

You can fulfill your ultimate dream. Future generations are counting on you!

More knowledge

Knowledge is at the foundation of any solution. To help you really understand what it’s about we want you to experience what it’s like to use energy differently, what it feels like to get energy when it’s there and, most especially, how to carefully handle it when more can’t be produced.

A clear plan of action

We’ll guide you on your way. Working in a small group, you’ll be able to openly discuss the challenges you face, but you can also work on a one-to-one basis. You can be inspired by the solutions your peers have implemented and work with the experts to come up with the right insights and solutions.

Advice you can trust

Our experts and participants have decades of experience and have been through the challenges you face dozens of times. By working so intensively in a secluded environment, we can ensure you get the time and quality needed for developing the right solutions.

Guaranteed returns

We live on the basis of results so a theoretical model is not what we call a solution. Which is why we’d like to support you wherever necessary after this summit, in your executive meetings or in sessions with your staff. In this way, we not only help you take the first step, but can form a team to score a victory together.

A reliable knowledge network.
Reliable returns.
The right choices at the right time using our support, both now and in the future.

We believe that sustainable investment provides a guaranteed return!

And we believe in sharing knowledge. In our experience, we see people working hard every day on their own solutions. Generally, they’re not aware that their solution could be unique and revolutionary for someone else. Often, it turns out that one person has thought of a solution that someone else can benefit from. Simply sharing knowledge, sharing each other’s solutions, can make more people happy and create great synergy.

Special guest: Diederik Samsom

picture of Diederik Samsom and Gerard Scheper

Diederik Samsom is a Dutch politician. On behalf of the Labour Party, he was a member of the Lower House. From February 2012 to December 2016, he was the political leader of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) and party chairman of the PvdA in the Lower House.

Samsom was active for several years as a campaign leader and activist at environmental organisation Greenpeace. He then briefly served as director of green energy supplier Real Energy until he was elected to the Lower House of Parliament in the 2003 elections.

Last two years Diederik Samsom, after saying goodbye to politics, quietly made his comeback as a climate and energy expert. Ten years ago, I was still in my pocket and ash about the question: are we going to make it with the energy transition? Now I'm much more optimistic about that, without knowing the answer for sure.

A 3-day event on business sustainability


When we talk about nature and the environment, we have to of course go into nature. In Italy, we’ll be in an environment where time seems to have stood still.


Italy has a strong sense of history, which for us means we can go back to a time when we lived without fossil fuels. Maybe this will help us find the solution for the future.

Hands on

We’re practical people and we’ll introduce you to others who also draw on their practical experience to put forward a solution they have already successfully applied repeatedly.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge is at the foundation of any solution. Through interesting, interactive, knowledge-sharing sessions with professionals, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can apply to your business case.

What to expect:

As old as the hills

Climate adaptation, sustainability and the circular economy are all current topics, but actually they’ve always been around.

Rome: a city of ancient times where history can be found on the street.

The birthplace of 'The Club of Rome' and well worth examining. There’s a lot to learn from ancient times.

To the past where the answers for the future lie.

In Poggiovalle we’ll have the unique opportunity of returning to a way of living without fossil fuels.
Really experience how you feel when you don't have energy directly available and there’s no back up from our daily routine.
Left to nature, how offline will you dare to go?
We are going to find out how people
• .. moved around 100 years ago
• .. used natural energy sources
•.. organized themselves and worked together to achieve a greater goal

'Hands-on' with the professionals Knowledge-sharing sessions you can really use

Through interactive workshops tackling business cases with professionals, you’ll gain insight into where the answers for your organisation lie.

The culinary wealth of Poggiovalle Tenuta Italiana Masters in making something out of nothing

The Italian cuisine is known for its authenticity and pure flavours.
The dishes have a limited number of ingredients and their preparation is not difficult. This simplicity, combined with fresh local seasonal produce, creates the most delicious dishes, known all over the world. The restaurant in Poggiovalle is situated in a converted stable. The view from the covered veranda is a treat with its view out to typical Umbrian nature. The beautifully decorated tables, mouth-watering dishes and fantastic local wines make dinner here a celebration every time!
The quality products used in the kitchens are from the estate itself and you can taste the sustainability in them.
Italian food will never be the same again.

Poggiovalle The Farm Estate

The Poggiovalle Tenuta Italiana estate extends over some 1,000 hectares. The ancient practice of crop rotation is practiced on the many plains and low hills of Poggiovalle and all the feed, corn and barley for the cattle is grown here.

A natural life cycle is also maintained through the efficient and sustainable use of fertilizer, with its use meaning it is eventually returned to its source. Winding farm lanes connect the hamlets and farms on the estate – perfect for early jogs in the morning mist, giving you a sense of being in a no-man’s land. Or you could take a dive in the swimming pool or unwind with a game of tennis. The choice is yours.

Preliminary programme

Click the button below to download the programme.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."

– Albert Einstein

Participant & Partner Packages

If you’d like to take part, we’ve got a number of conferences packages for you to choose from. The packages include a participant’s package and various partner packages.

We believe in organisations participating actively so we’d like to know what your expertise is and give you the chance to share it with other participants. You can then also opt to bring along more than one participant.


2995 Excl. VAT

1 participant package

Bronze Partner Package

5495 Excl. VAT

2 Participant Packages
Organization of max. 1 interactive knowledge-sharing session
Name listed on the website
Name listed on the invitation and other media

Silver Partner Package

7495 Excl. VAT

3 Participant Packages
Organization of max. 2 interactive knowledge-sharing sessions
Name listed on the website
Name listed on the invitation and other media

Gold Partner Package

9995 Excl. VAT

5 Participant Packages
Organization of max. 3 interactive knowledge-sharing sessions
Name listed on the website
Name listed on the invitation and other media

What does the Participant Package include?

All participant conference packages include:

  • Reception in Rome with aperitif on Sunday afternoon, 22 September 2019
  • Exclusive tour of Rome
  • Transfer from Rome to the Poggiovalle estate
  • 3x Breakfast in Poggiovalle
  • 3x Lunch in Poggiovalle
  • 3x Italian Dinner in Poggiovalle
  • 3x Nights in Poggiovalle (apartment or hotel)
  • Participation in the 11 interactive knowledge-sharing sessions on different aspects of sustainability
  • Opportunity to Matchmake during the event based on a profile sketch
  • Culinary wine tasting
  • Includes all drinks and local transfers

You will need to arrange your flight to Roma-Fiumicino Airport yourself and also arrange for transport to the meeting point in Rome (to be determined) where the Summit will start.

(The costs for the flight and transfer to the starting point are at your own expense).

Introducing…the people behind the Renewable Energy Summit

Gerard Scheper

Gerard Scheper Entrepreneur

Gerard first became concerned by the fact that fossil fuels have had their day and that we were saddling our children and grandchildren with a problem. This has inspired him to work on the accelerated transition to renewable energy.

Photo Cristiana Fiorucci

Cristiana Fiorucci Hostess at Poggiovalle

Cristiana’s enthusiasm and warmth makes her a true host and she will ensure you want for nothing during your visit to Poggiovalle Tenuta Italiana. She skilfully arranges everything on and around the Estate and hospitality is her middle name.
Photo Zarja Van der Velden

Zarja Van der Velden Hostess & Travel Guide

Zarja is there to help make sure your stay at Poggiovalle is perfect. Your point of contact for all your questions regarding this event, she brings to life the idea of well begun is half done.

Photo Pauline Ninck Blok

Pauline Ninck Blok Translator and interpreter

In Pauline we find a linguistic professional focused on intercultural communication. A citizen of the world and a graduate of the Italian Language School.

Her never-ending curiosity and eagerness to learn more, eventually led her to Italy, where she is happily settled.

Photo Freek Jansen

Freek Jansen Online Strategist

As online strategist, Freek translates organisation’s online vision into a strategy for online concepts and e-commerce. Up with current market developments and digital trends, he inspires and brings together key figures in the industry.

Giuseppe Daniele

Giuseppe Daniele Environmental Guide

As a child, Giuseppe spent his days between the bustle of the city and the cowboy-like atmosphere of the countryside; he soon realised nature had an irresistible charm and great power on him. After travelling extensively and exploring the world, he decided to dedicate himself to the profession of environmental tourist guide leading excursionists, in order to share his knowledge with others.

Would you like answers for your business case?

Frequently asked questions.

What’s included and what’s not?

We expect you to book your flight to Rome (and back) yourself and make sure you arrive at the reception in Rome on time. The costs from that moment on are all inclusive. If there are services offered during the programme which are not covered, we will let you know in advance.

What kind of clothing should we pack?

We hope to be able to welcome you to a summery Italy, so bring light but smart clothing with you. There’s a swimming pool on site and you can go horse riding, simply enjoy the sun, go jogging or go mountain biking in the area.

I would like to participate, but I would also like to organize a session as a speaker. Is that possible?

All potential speakers will first do an intake, so please contact us and let us know what your contribution can be.

I would like to be a partner, but I won’t be able to organize a session. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. It’s an interactive conference and we think everyone has something to contribute and share with the other participants. This forms the basis of the success of this informative event.

How many participants can join?

The total number of participants is approximately 20 There will be a maximum of 20 participants. Registration will be closed at 20 participants and the participants evaluated before participation is confirmed.

What is the deadline for registration?

We conclude the registration 1-09-2019. We will close registration on 1 September 2019. Of course, if the maximum number of participants has been reached before 1 September, the registration will be closed then.

Is it possible to arrive earlier in Rome and/or to book a stay at Poggiovalle for a few days?

This is certainly possible. You can contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with one of the locations. A longer stay is of course at your own expense, as is transfer to the airport.

When is my registration final?

Once you have completed your registration form, you will receive confirmation and an invoice for 50% of the total fare. Payment of this 50% within 14 days will confirm your participation or partnership in the summit. You will receive the second half of the invoice on 1 September 2019. Please pay in full within 14 days.

If I have to cancel unexpectedly, can I get my money back?

Cancellation can be made up to 60 days before departure free of charge. For cancellations 30-60 days before departure, you will be reimbursed for 50%, and for cancellations 0-30 days before the event, European Solar B.V. will charge the participants a fee.

I would like to bring someone with me who will not participate actively in the sessions, but would like to stay at the location. Is this possible?

This is certainly possible; however, the programme is only for participants and partners. For specific questions, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Why choose the Renewable Energy Summit?

Our promise to you

In order to keep our promise, once we’ve found the right solution for you, we’ll put you in touch with the right companies that can provide you with the products and services you need.

We'll help you draw up a tender

We can also help you draw up a tender so we can ensure you get the quality and the guarantees you want.

And we’ll help you draft a financial analysis

We’ll also help you prepare a financial analysis, accurately calculating how you’ll benefit from the solution you have chosen.

We’ll bring you in touch with the right companies

Last but not least, we can put you in touch with companies that have years of experience installing the solutions you want, so your results are guaranteed to be at an acceptable price.

Send us your details

If you’re interested in the Renewable Energy Summit and would you like to explore what opportunities your participation in this event could have for your business case,

fill in the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

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